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Ex Nihilo, Paul Stubbs

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The Black Herald (issues 1 & 2), Clarities & Ex Nihilo are available in the Village Voice Bookshop

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Heffers, Cambridge

EX NIHILO CLARITIES in Heffers, Trinity Street, Cambridge, UK (August 2011)

Thus spoke Zarathustra

Thus spoke Zarathustra’ : a review of Paul Stubbs’s Ex Nihilo by Mark Wilson in 3:AM magazine.

“The poetry of Paul Stubbs is like a severe volcanic eruption within the landscape of British poetry. In fact, to say that this small corpus of work (as to date, three books) is part of ‘British poetry’ seems a massive perversion of terminology. His radical syntax, on more careful inspection, reveals closer ties to European and World masters (Rimbaud, Jozsef, Benn, Trakl, Pilinszky, Vallejo). This volcanic simile holds true as Stubbs’ work is both ‘visionary’ (in its sheer verbal/metaphorical pyrotechnics) and a searing critique scalding the jaundiced pastures of a British poetic terrain that Stubbs has long since viewed as insular and infertile.”


The Unleashment

The Unleashment: a review of  Clarities (Blandine Longre) & Ex Nihilo (Paul Stubbs) by Andrew O’Donnell in The Fiend magazine

“There is a great optimistic verve to the poem, here, in that there are certain mental terrains conjured that I don’t think we have seen anywhere else, meaning; in as much as a semblance of narrative is retained, and a tradition implied (perhaps something more resolutely Francophile/European… particularly in Stubbs’s using Valery in his introduction) Ex Nihilo seems simply to be creating its own rules, its own concerns, its own self and selves, and is unlike anything in British poetry right now.”

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Libraire éphémère, décembre 2010

Our books in La Halle Saint Pierre, Paris, dec 2010/january 2011




Let’s get visceral

A review of Paul Stubbs’s EX NIHILO, by Nigel Parke

“The new, long poem, ‘Ex Nihilo’, is a tour-de-force. Building on the ground of ‘The Icon Maker’, here a world of new beginning and becoming is imagined and its logics and incidentals pursued. It’s a poem about the act of creation, and the poet’s rib is the Adamic starting point for a prolonged meditation on the genesis of art, creativity and poetic consciousness. The ‘I’ which begins the poem is an I which disintegrates, fragments, as the body becomes a discorporate symbol within a Picassoesque landscape of bone-rib outcrops and Svankmajeran intrinsically motivated, corporeal assemblages. Some of the phraseology is sublime.


Paul Stubbs’s ‘Ex Nihilo’ is the antidote to a poetry publishing current which appears to admit the most trivial of efforts. Poetry is a broad church and there’s no intrinsic harm in accessibility. However, Stubbs is coming from an entirely different place. He’s not writing for the reader who is looking for the habitual ‘performative’ element, though performance there is in every scalpel’s incision. The poet as surgeon diving deep for the soul, excavates the flesh, avoids his own anaesthesia and confronts that primeval landscape in an acupunctural ecstasy with only the agony of an already conscient subjectivity echoing the necessity of intervention.”

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EX Nihilo, now available

Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo
a long poem, Paul Stubbs

Black Herald Press, 30 september 2010
120×160 – 46 pages – 8 euros
ISBN  978-2-919582-01-3

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