“Poetry is not verse” – David Gascoyne

4172tmE2H9L“Poetry is not verse, it is not rhetoric, it is not an epigrammatic way of saying something that can be stated in prose, nor is it an argument or reportage. In England, the whole question needs to be cleared up and restated. What I call poetry is not understood in England, but I believe it to be something of far greater value than what is at present understood there. The tradition of modern English poetry is really something quite different from the tradition of Hölderlin, Rimbaud, Rilke, Lorca, Jouve. — I belong to Europe before I belong to England.”

5 August 1938 – David Gascoyne,
Journal 1937-1939
(Preface by Lawrence Durrell, Enitharmon Press, London, 1978) 

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