Louis Calaferte’s The Violet Blood of the Amethyst

 The Violet Blood of the Amethyst

The Violet Blood of the Amethyst

Louis Calaferte’s The Violet Blood of the Amethyst (Le Sang violet de l’améthyste) is now available, for the first time in English

Translated from the French and introduced by John Taylor.

bilingual book

Chelsea Editions, 2013

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Excerpts were published in the 3rd issue of The Black Herald (Sept. 2012)

More excerpts here

Avance vers tes contraires. Édifie-toi protestataire contre ce qui te porte, te soutient, t’enlève à toi-renême. Fais-toi indivisible subtilité, approfondissement de la connaissance. Entre dans la partie resérvée du monde. Tu n’es admis qu’à la parcellisation. Qu’elle te devienne bien inaliénable. Partie du monde tienne, de ton unique éclairement, à ta seule ressemblance. Instaure-toi découverte et, de la sorte, conçois tes approches, tes encerclements. Consacre-toi à ton isolement. Point tant ne s’agit de grandeur que d’etendue.

Head toward what is contrary to you. Build yourself up by protesting what carries you, supports you, removes you from yourself. Make yourself into indivisible subtlety, deepening knowledge. Enter the private part of the world. You are admitted only to the parceling out. May your part become an inalienable good for you. A part of your own world, of your unique illumination, resembling you alone. Institute yourself as discovery and, in that way, plan your approaches, your encirclements. Devote yourself to your isolation. Greatness is much less the matter than vastness.


Philippe Jaccottet & Pierre Albert-Jourdan

Two books introduced and translated from The French by John Taylor, published by Chelsea Editions

And, Nonetheless: Selected Prose and Poetry 1990—2009, Philippe Jaccottet

The Straw Sandals, Selected Prose and Poetry, Pierre-Albert Jourdan

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