Greer Mansfield interviews Paul Stubbs, poet & editor of The Black Herald / Bookslut, Oct. 2012

“Glancing at my map of current English-language poetry, one of the most tantalizing regions is one that — at least in my school of cartography — is centered around a magazine called the Black Herald. Edited by poets Paul Stubbs and Blandine Longre, it is a concourse for strong and original English-language poetry, publishing interesting new poets like Will Stone, Mark Wilson, and Siddhartha Bose. It has also published more established writers (Clayton Eshleman being an example), and it maintains a constant dialogue with the dead. Or perhaps more accurately: the “dead,” because in its pages the likes of Hart Crane, W.S. Graham, Cesar Vallejo, Georges Rodenbach, Osip Mandelstam, August Stramm, and James Joyce are blazingly alive in the company of the newer writers. (…) In addition to editing a quality literary magazine and publishing interesting writers new and old, Stubbs happens to be one of our day’s most striking and original English-language poets. His poems are metaphysical but visceral; they are often written in a jagged syntax, but they carry themselves in a rich, full-voiced music.”

(Greer Mansfield, Bookslut, October 2012)

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