Dits des xhuxha’i / Tales of the xhuxha’i – Anne-Sylvie SALZMAN

Dits des xhuxha'i

Dits des xhuxha’i



Tales of the xhuxha’i
bilingual book

translated from the French by the author

recueil bilingue
Black Herald Press, mai 2015
58 pages – 9 €  – ISBN 978-2-919582-11-2

à paraître / forthcoming

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The Black Herald 4 (2013)

Vient de paraître / just released

The Black Herald
Literary magazine – Revue de littérature

Issue #4 – October 2013 – Octobre 2013
164 pages – 15€ / £12.90 / $20 – ISBN 978-2-919582-06-8 (ISSN 2266-1913)

Poetry, short fiction, prose, essays, translations.
Poésie, fiction courte, prose, essais, traductions.

With / avec Steve Ely, Pierre Cendors, Edward Gauvin, Paul B. Roth, Jean-Pierre Longre, Rosemary Lloyd, Boris Dralyuk, Paul Stubbs, Georgina Tacou, John Lee, Cristián Vila Riquelme, Philippe Muller, Michael Lee Rattigan, Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé, Vasily Kamensky, David Shook, Oliver Goldsmith, Michel Gerbal, Gary J. Shipley, Anthony Seidman, Fernando Pessoa, Cécile Lombard, Anne-Sylvie Salzman, Heller Levinson, Jorge Ortega, Blandine Longre et des essais sur / and essays about Robert Walser, Arthur Rimbaud, Raymond Queneau, E.M. Cioran. ImagesRaphaël Lugassy, Pierre Cendors. Design: Sandrine Duvillier.

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Darkscapes – Anne-Sylvie Salzman



by Anne-Sylvie Salzman
Translated by William Charlton
Tartarus Press, 2013

“Narrative and story can lead us to visions of that which is impossible — that which can drive us mad, or make us feel as if we already are mad. The horror story in particular offers the possibility of a temporary release from sanity and safety. The fifteen stories in ‘Darkscapes‘ by Anne-Sylvie Salzman, translated from the French by William Charlton, offer a literary taste of madness, an intense inversion of reason that is powerful, sometimes unknowable, and almost always unforgettable. Salzman is the perfect 21st-century bride for Edgar Allen Poe. ” (Rick Kleffel)
Anne-Sylvie Salzman (aka Anne-Sylvie Homassel) is a Paris-based writer and translator. She co-directs Le Visage vert, a literary magazine and small press devoted to supernatural fiction. She is the author of Sommeil (José Corti), Au bord d’un lent fleuve noir (Joëlle Losfeld) and Lamont (Le Visage vert). Amongst other novels and collections, she translated Max Beerbohm’s Seven Men, Lord Dunsany’s The Sword of Welleran, Ernest Bramah’s Max Carrados and Arthur Machen’s Three Impostors—and some of W.S. Graham’s poetry, feats she is inanely proud of. She is currently working on a science-fiction novel.

Fictions / Dragons

La bibliographie d’Anne-Sylvie Salzman, dont le texte “Langue que parlent les dragons” paraît dans le Black Herald 2.



Ré-édition du recueil de nouvelles LAMONT, d’Anne-Sylvie Salzman (Editions Le Visage Vert), à relire ou découvrir, avec une nouvelle illustration de couverture signée Marc Brunier Mestas (http://print-temps.over-blog.com/)

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