Outlines for submissions

Due to the great volume of uninformed and inappropriate submissions that we keep receiving, please read our submission guidelines more carefully as well as the following pieces of advice:

1. If you wish to submit either a gardening poem or a tourist article, then submit it to either a gardening-friendly poetry magazine or a tourist magazine. The same applies to children’s poetry, poetry that should stay in a diary, film reviews, etc. etc. So as to understand what we actually publish, see below.

2. Please read at least one issue of the magazine before submitting work. How can some writers expect an editor to get interested in their work if they are basically uninterested in the magazine they’d like to be published in and/or indifferent to its contents? Baffling.

In the same way, we take it as the height of rudeness that some people submitting work to the magazine cannot even be bothered to take 5 minutes to check who they are writing to. Amongst the laziest and most annoying messages are those beginning with “To whom it may concern” (for it may not concern us), “Hi there!”, “Hello folks”, or with a copied and pasted bio.

3. It is not necessary to mention any writing workshops, poetry ‘surgeries’ or creative classrooms you might have participated in: our viewpoints on such practices are clearly stated in the Editorials, which can be read online.

4. In the same vein, long lists of magazine appearances are of no interest to us. So please keep it short and send a short factual biography/bibliography (not more than 4 lines).

5. Do not send fifty pages of a work enquiring if “esteemed editors” want to publish you in their “publishing firm”. We are not a publishing “firm” and we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

The Black Herald, issue 3

The Black Herald, issue 3


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