Rimbaud in Java


Rimbaud in Java, The lost voyage, by Jamie James (Editions Didier Millet, 2011)

à paraître prochainement en français (Editions du Sonneur, traduction de Anne-Sylvie Homassel)


For over a century almost nothing was known about what Rimbaud did and where he went while he was in Java. Now Editions Didier Millet, the small press based in Singapore and Paris, has published Rimbaud in Java, the new book by Jamie James, the first book devoted to the poet’s lost voyage to the Far East. James, an American novelist and critic resident in Indonesia since 1999, reviews everything that is known about this mysterious episode. To fill in the tantalizing gaps, he imaginatively reconstructs what the poet must have seen and informed speculation about what he might have done on his voyage to the tropics, vividly recreating life in nineteenth century Java along the way. Rimbaud in Java concludes with an inquiry into what the Orient represented in the poet’s imagination, with a scandalous, amusing sketch history of French orientalism.

To read more about the book: http://www.rimbaudinjava.com/


More about Arthur Rimbaud

Rimbaud and the New Inquisition (by Paul Stubbs)


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