Libraire éphémère, décembre 2010

Our books in La Halle Saint Pierre, Paris, dec 2010/january 2011



Halle Saint Pierre, Paris

Les éditions L’Œil d’or et Passage piétons organisent la librairie éphémère, y présentent la production d’une cinquantaine d’éditeurs, et aussi des lectures, des mises en scènes et une exposition.

du 16 décembre 2010 au 9 janvier 2011 à la Halle Saint Pierre.

Les éditions L’Œil d’or et Passage piétons invitent les éditions Alain Beaulet, Ab Irato, À dos d’âne, Al Manar, Art&fiction, Atelier du poisson soluble, La Barque, Belle Gabrielle, Bernard Chauveau, Bibliothèque, Benjamin Colin, CambourakisCarnet de dessert lune, Chat Rouge, Circa 1924, Colophon, Dernière goutte, Domens, Dragonne, Écologistes de l’Euzière, Éric Pesty, Les Fondeurs de Briques, Fanlac, Findakly, Flies France, Graine d’encre, Grandir, Harpo &, Lettr’ange, La Main courante, Mare Nostrum, M. Toussaint l’ouverture, Nef des fous, Passager Clandestin, La pionnière, Plonk et replonk, La pommeraie, Ritagada, Rougerie, Sandre, Skarloht, Sillage, Sonneur, Trouvères & compagnies, Van Dieren, Vedrana, VillaRrose, La Ville brûle, Visage vert, Yvette & Paulette, Zinc.

Les ouvrages de Black Herald Press seront aussi présents.

Le programme complet

Halle Saint Pierre 

2, rue Ronsard – 75018 Paris

M° : Anvers, Abbesses

Ouvert tous les jours (7/7j) de 10h à 18h


Literary magazine / revue littéraire

download for free / téléchargement gratuit

Edited by Seb Doubinsky

with / avec :

Kris Saknussemm

Jerry Wilson

André Rougier

Marie Simon

Belinda Lopez

Scott Taylor

Kenneth Corrigan

Emmanuel Bourdaud & G@rp

Layticia Audibert

Amrit Lal Nagar (translated by Sheeba Rakesh)

Nauro Machado & Luis Augusto Cassas (traduits par André Rougier)

Matt Bialer

Matthew Rohrer

Celina Osuna

Ole Wesenberg Nielsen

Pierre Escot

Alexis Denuy

Guillaume Siodeau

Fabien Sauneron

Mathieu Diebler

Manu Rich

Lara Konesky

Mark Wilson

Maree Scarlett

Jean-François Mariotti

Djelloul Marbrook

Myriam Gallot

Olga Zeri

Jennifer Breukelaar

The Death of the Gods

The Death of the Gods – Review of Paul Stubbs’s  The Icon Maker by Paul Stubbs (Arc Publications) by Andrew O’Donnell in The Fiend magazine.

“Even the notion of beliefs and faiths are called into question here, and so the book dares to go further than Nietzsche’s critiques in that all forms of oppositional thinking, whether in poetry, philosophy or other discipline (even the notion of ‘discipline’ or ‘area of thought’ infuses our fractured mental approaches to how we communicate with each other; what better way to show how we objectify in our wrestlings with our chosen spiritual paths, surely Everything is what interests the human mind?) Regardless, the philosopher Robert Anton Wilson would call this reticence toward any form of dogmatism a dialectic, or line, of consciousness that deals in Maybes, rather than the Yes or the No. We now live in a thoughtful maybe-ish world, in which proselytizing gets little done, and dogmatizing is repellant to the average individual. The newer generations mental lives exist somewhere in between. With the acceleration of knowledge the older generations can mistake this for apathy in the young, as compared with the knowledge available to them in previous cycles, and possibly mistakenly cheer on the overly dogmatic poetic tone as a result. In this way Stubbs is putting pressure on the notions inherent in the tone of Pound’s imagist protocols (definite images, clear lines of narrative thought) and trying to strike balances between abstraction and conventional narrativization, the high lyric voice, and the hard-headed and (ironically, in this case?) Biblical tone.”

Read the full review 

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